At the end of 2008, InTech became committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). InTech became a member of the IMS (Institute for Social Movement) in Luxembourg and takes part in conferences and workshops, exchanging views and ideas on sustainable development in the broadest sense of the word.

InTech has chosen to mainly direct its CSR approach towards social (aid for humanitarian associations, educational support, blood donation, etc.) and environmental (sorting, economising energy, water and consumables, recycling computer equipment, car-sharing, etc.) actions within a local area (a 50 km radius around Luxembourg and Greater Region).

For example, these principles have been put to practice in a pilot project consisting in fitting out computer rooms in schools using recycled equipment. “Ready to use” computer stations meeting the needs of children and their teachers have been installed free-of-charge.

InTech - Installation bénévole de PC à l'école d'OttrangeFree installation of PCs in a school

The bulk of the actions carried out consisted in recovering computer equipment at the end of its life from our company and our customers or IMS partners in Luxembourg. A group of associates was responsible for preparing the equipment before installing the entire system in the schools (network, Internet, backups, disk restore image, free software, training for teaching staff, etc.). We would like to thank our customers who are also committed to CSR and made these actions possible by passing their old equipment on to us…

In addition, every year we voluntarily support the Luxembourg Red Cross to improve their internal in-house information system through supervision of IT engineer internship subjects by InTech Managers.