In close collaboration with specialist teams, we support our customers in managing the development of their information systems.

Through their tasks, our consultants provide possible answers to three subject categories:


  • Use of technological innovations to contribute to business innovations:
    The tasks consist in proposing technological choices in as a tool for business innovation, studying their impact on IT assets and planning their integration into the organisation. Today, this concerns more specifically opening existing systems to nomadic (smartphones, tablets) and decentralised (Cloud computing) systems.


  • Design and construction of a long-term Information System that adapts to the developments of the organisation and businesses:
    The tasks aim to design modular application architectures that are service-oriented (SOA) and highly communicative (ESB), as well as to support their implementation.


  • Definition and implementation of steering processes and standards for validating the IS’s compliance with internal and external requirements (Compliance, etc.)


For example, the tasks relate to the formal establishment of the IS security policy, definition of technical solutions supporting this policy and to guidance and help regarding their implementation.